Wojciech Weekly: Lose Yourself

On the early Monday afternoon I was taking an hour long train ride from Leszno to Poznań trying to think about the bizarre events of the past night. I mean, once again the game turned out just like everybody expected…

My first ever live watched SuperBowl, was SBXL played in Detroit, which captioned the last “BusRide”. Prior to Sunday it was the last time Seahawks appeared on the big stage, since then they have undergone massive reconstruction. NFC West also morphed from NFL laughing stock to the Pro Football Powerhouse, just to remind you the last team that beat the newly crowned champs were the Cardinals.

Not surprisingly just before the teams run out of the tunnel the tunes of Eminem’s Survival were rocking around MetLife Stadium in my opinion Lose yourself would be more appropriate.

.. you only get one shot do not miss the chance to blow cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime..

This year’s game was advertised as the clash of two number one ranked teams number one offense vs number one defense. It was supposed to be the final cementing moment of Peyton Manning’s legacy.

On the first offensive snap Peyton was surprisingly close to the line, it looked more like pistol than shotgun. If you dissect the play closely you will see that after the bad snap, Manning doesn't run after the ball, it’s the RB (Moreno)? that covers it in the endzone! I know it’s Peyton, after multiple neck surgeries but this is the SuperBowl, the game. I don’t want him to dive and cover the ball but how about a kick through the back of the endzone?

I’m not going to say that 2-0 lead with 12 seconds into the game broke the Broncos back, but it definitely set the tempo.

Now before all you StatsPorn guys jump at me - the completion record in SB history, do you remember Michael Jordan not showing up at game 6 or 7. Or just to keep within Broncos do you remember John Elway’s helicopter run for first down?

How will the aftermath of  #SB48 affect the way Peyton Manning will be remembered? Without a doubt as one of the greatest Qb’s – but as the greatest ever?

Meanwhile Peyton’s vis-à-vis was entering the Pantheon of SuperBowl winning quarterbacks…

Hi, my name is
Unless you are a die-hard Wisconsin fan you have probably firstly heard the name Russell Wilson during that memorable high scoring RoseBowl Wisconsin vs Oregon. Despite losing the game, Wilson performed well, on the national stage in a run first offense, living off the play-action passes.

The one feature that caught my attention was the story that after only a month at the campus, Wilson was voted team’s captain. Still it didn’t earn him the starters spot in Seattle and he had to work his way up the depth chart. One more RoseBowl flashback, Monte Ball was pounding the football for Badgers and Kikko Alonso was flying all across the field for the Ducks.

Wilson reminds me a bit of Allen Iverson, big game in small package and with his performance he answered may critics. Unlike Iverson, he keeps himself out of troubles, and has a positive image.

This pretty much sums up what the Seattle Defense did to the Denver offensive juggernaut. The cold truth is that the lovable BestBu puppy was more intimidating than Manning’s lead unit. LOB gets most of the attention and Malcolm Smith may got the MVP but the Defensive Line did a hell of the job. Manning felt uncomfortable in the pocket, “ducks” were flying across the place just as if it was Oregon’s game. Running game was shut down, but the most impressive feature was their play against screen plays.

The defensive clinic put by Dan Quinn’s unit was impressive, open free tackling, strip sacks, punching the ball, interceptions, players flying to the ball - fundamental football at its finest.

The Monster
Percy Harvin was living under the bed of Seahawks roster, healing from injuries but on the biggest stage he did his Steve Kerr impersonation – the guy that sits on the bench, but eventually will deliver in clutch. 45 rushing yards on two reverse attempts and the dagger kick-off return with 12 seconds into the second half .

Sing for the moment
Few years ago Pete Carroll has been voted in a top 10 Coaches that should have stayed in College, if I remember well it was before his Seattle job, well NFL Films will have to change that .

If you remember the SmileGate in New England earlier this year, Carroll was used as a measuring stick- he smiled 10 times during one presser. As for his tenure in Seattle – I’ve recently visited Eric a Seattlite who runs a BigFoot Coffe Shop in Poznan, he said that two cities are very similar, with one very important difference - there is much less sunshine in the Grunge City.

Maybe hiring a sunshine state Coach with a silver lining playbook for a city waiting for a major league title more than 30 years is a good idea.

If we discuss the Seahawks coaching staff we must give credits to Dan Quinn, who may have replicate and upgraded Steve Spagnuolo blueprint used in SuperBowl 42.

We must give it to John Schneider what belongs to the GM - he put this team together with a NFC West Cold War like Arms Race and now he faces even more impressive challenge – to keep this roster together. He deserved the WWE Belt he wore during a locker room celebration.

Not afraid
We walk this road together through the storm whatever weather cold or warm…

If I were within the Broncos coaching staff I’d took my players to the movies to watch one with a strong positive message, Lone Survivor or Silver Lining Playbook. These guys are professionals, but the aftermath of Sunday’s defeat will stay somewhere back inside their heads. Will Denver make another championship run next year?

They will be good, but there are 15 hungry teams in the AFC starting with Patriots. As for Seahawks they play in the toughest division in football and maybe just maybe winning the NFC West Title is nearly equally as hard as winning the Title.

Random SB48 thoughts
The commercials far more exciting than the game my favorite ones The Puppy, Tim Tebow , GoDaddy, Jaguar and Chevy Bull.

Broadway Joe’s Fur Coat and the coin-toss interception for all those younger readers. Waiting for Joanna Krupa voice on the matter, but if the coat was real I feel sorry for Lessie. The interception was the sign of things to come.

The leggings of Anthony – ok. Now this is a bit of a headscratch Hot or not? Or if you have chest and abs like that you can wear whatever you want?

Wojciech Andrzejczak