2014 Signings: TDEU Approved Coaches & Athletes [II]

Where did some of the biggest threats on and off the field sign this year? We're catching up with some of our favorite coaches and athletes.

Photo Source: OneEyeView.de

Conrad Meadows - WR - Berlin Adler, Germany

I've resigned with the Berlin Adler for my 3rd season in Germany. 

Reason being, I have good relationships with the players on the team and people within the organization. 

Also I enjoy the city of Berlin. Lots to do and an easy city to travel from.

Photo: Jean-François Nicollet

Greg Miletic - DB - /

After my 2012 season in Serbia, I hung up the cleats. Retired. 

When you're done playing football, there is a large hole in your life that needs to be filled, and I've tried various ways to fill that hole. 

I often race young children on the street, tackle co-workers in the office hallways, and block basketball shots from behind in games that I'm not even a part of. 

It's tough to replace competitive American football, I guess...

Photo: Unknown

Kendral Ellison - LB - Saarland Hurricanes, Germany

I signed with the Saarland Hurricanes in GFL1

New opportunity, new place, new fire to be at the top level in Germany.

Couldn't pass up the great opportunity to be a part of this young, talented, and hungry team. The sky is the limit!