2014 Signings: TDEU Approved Coaches & Athletes [VI]

Where did some of the biggest threats on and off the field sign this year? We're catching up with some of our favorite coaches and athletes.

Photo: Herbert Kratky 

Chris Gunn - QB - /

Retired. I'm now coaching football in Alabama. 

Retired because it was time for me to begin and grow in the next phase of my life.

Photo: Jean-Marc Rouaud

Demetrius Eaton - LB - Panthers Wroclaw

Wroclaw Panthers. I signed with this team because I have an opportunity to become a National champion. 

Besides that, I'm with my boys from college so it only made my choice that much easier.

Photo: Mika Lindholm

Brett Rosenbaum - RB - /

A lot of changes over the last year, been dealing with an injury from the 2012 season in Finland playing for Kouvola Indians of the Maple league. It's healed up, during that time I have turned 30 and started to look at a post retirement career.
Now I am going back to university but for 2014 I will be playing for a team in my hometown where I began playing American Football. 

The sport has given me so much over the last 15 years, played in several countries in many positions for some great teams. But I want to finish my career where it started and help my friends from home get their first championship for the Milton Keynes based OV Eagles. 

We got HC Will White from Alabama leading the way, team has some British stars who are ballers and maulers. Going to miss playing in Europe!