2014 Signings: TDEU Approved Coaches & Athletes [III]

Where did some of the biggest threats on and off the field sign this year? We're catching up with some of our favorite coaches and athletes.

Willie Milhouse III - WR - Frankfurt Universe, Germany

I'll play the next season with the Frankfurt Universe. 

Unfortunately with all the changes with the Phantoms I had to make a tough decision to either not play or play with an organization I did not feel comfortable with. 

After hearing of the speculations of me not playing DC Kösling reached out to me, from there we came to agreeing terms. This season I hope to have my first winning season in Europe and help put a deserving team in the first league.

Photo: Igor Lazarevic

Richard Bonds - Coach - Kragujevac Wild Boars, Serbia

First of all thanks to TDEU, this year I am back in Serbia with the Wild Boars to reach the goals that were unachieved in 2012. 

The Wild Boars are a very complete talented group of players with dedication, pride and commitment. It's an upgrade from last year's team from barely having 18-20 players at practice to having 40 being the minimum up to 55 players or more in attendance. The players buy into the system and follow as players should and it gets no better when you have 15 -16 National team players on your squad. 

This was an easy choice because I know and like the environment and it's easy to adjust here in the city of Kragujevac which helps with coaching. We are looking at a very challenging year in both the SAAF and CEFL, but with the imports (Ike Whitaker, Ken Hale, and Shane Wong) we have signed along with the talent and depth of Serbian talent players and coaching we plan to make a little noise this year it should an exciting season!

Photo: Max Emanuelson

Eric Ford - WR - Oslo Vikings, Norway

I signed with the Oslo Vikings for 2014.

We were close to winning the title last year, and, I like to say that this is the redemption season.

It's our destiny to bring the title back to Oslo! (smiles)