Clayton Banner: Breaking Down The Import Expenses

I recently was speaking to one of my coaching buddies who works at the indoor professional level in the States, and he was a little flustered at a player who turned down the standard $150 salary and a hotel room contract offered by his league to play indoor football and instead the player was going to Europa to play. 

I laughed under my breath and told my friend: "You have to understand what Europe has to offer these young men and my friend says beer and hot babes!". I said lets be intelligent about this and list what a top level player would get and put a value on this and see. And I told my friend, you will be surprised how much better Europe really is.

Here is our made up player (Player X) who is going to a high level team (I coached in the GFL 1 and at highest level in Poland), so we will use these for example of what the players will receive in compensation:

He will split a 2 bedroom flat with another American Import player.
  • Rent
  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Power
  • Water
  • Renters Insurance
- all this is compensated by the team at and average value of = $600 per player multiplied by 6 months = $3600

He will split access to a sponsor car with another player we will value this at = $200 per month multiplied by 6 months = $1,200 

Flight Round Trip = $1,000 (minimum)

Meals can vary but to cover paid meals and free meals per diem of $20 per day multiplied by 7 days per week = $140 per week, multiplied by 25 weeks = $3,500 

Health and dental insurance = $100, per month = $600 

Others Visa, Car Insurance, Cellphone Gas cards etc = $250 per month, multiplied by 6 months = $1,500 

Football expenses travel equipment, gym membership etc, per player = $500 

Lets say pay your getting $100 per game = $1,200 for season (I low balled this)

Having a tour guide to take you places, translate, file paperwork = $100 per week, $3,000 for 6 months

I visited 3 travel agencies and ask to have a 6 month trip to Europe with the basic same amenities and the cheapest booking price was $28,000. So to place a value on being able to play 11 man outdoor football in a place like Europe is impossible. And you can never put a price on the experiences and live time friends you meet.

Where would you want to play? Easy question to answer... EUROPE!

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