Poland: Angels Torun Vs Husaria Szczecin Report

Photo: Monika Bączyk
On Saturday, March 29 at 14:00 Angels Toruń will play the first friendly match in season 2014. Opponent will be the Division-1 runners Lowlanders Białystok.

Torun is, under the led by new U.S. coach Bill Moore, preparing for its third season. A week ago on Saturday, March 22, they held a practice with the champion of the first league - Husaria Szczecin. It was not a full game, because of the scrimmage between Husaria against Kozły Poznan from the previous Saturday.

"As a team I felt we did a good job against a very good club. We were able to do some things well and used our overall team speed to our advantage. We got the outside well, and our QB did a nice job in throwing the ball. We still have a lot of work to do and there are some things we need to get cleaned up, but I am very proud of how we played and how we competed. 

Husaria was last years D­1 champions and for us to play how we did, and the entire time of the scrimmage with the intensity I was looking for, it definitely gives us something to build upon instead of having to regroup and scramble to get ready for this weeks friendly against another D­1 club. 

This week is a normal game so the format is totally different. A scrimmage allows for coach's to be on the field, make corrections, and then continue. This weekend is the real deal and we need compete against another good D­1 team like we did on Saturday."- said Bill Moore, Angels head coach.

"We got the to outside a lot and made positive yards. That was important because this has been the bread and butter of this team the last two season and I didn't want that to change. Our QB did a nice job of controlling the offense and made good decisions throughout the game passing the ball. Our punt team did a very good job in game situations." added Moore.

"We had , I think 6 rookies starting in the scrimmage on both sides of the ball and it showed. We had two rookie offensive lineman, our back up center, as well as a new tight end starting and our inside run game was not at all acceptable to me. Same thing on defense. 

We got killed in the middle because of the rookies that were starting. This can't happen for us to be successful." - Toruń coach continues - "Our tackling needs to get better and we need to be more disciplined in the secondary. We were able to put the ball in the end zone a couple of times in the game situation part of the scrimmage but our extra point and field goal squad didn't do their job, period. That was 2 points we didn't get, and should have, and if this had been a real game, being up by 5 instead of only three on Husarias last possession would have meant a big difference. That squad will get better this week."- ends Moore.

Players from "City of Angels" before the previous season also met with the team from Podlasie. In held annually at extremely low temperature game March 23, 2013 Lowlanders Białystok won in Torun 21:0. In the season 2013 finish in PLFAI final, loosing only Husarii Szczecin (Angels took 4th place in the PLFAII).
In Lowlanders, are two Polish national football team players Damian Kołpak and Tomasz Zubrycki. In addition, the team has two U.S. athletes running back Michael Campana and quarterback Robert Borcky.

First match of the League in PLFAII Toruń play in Słupsk Griffons May 3. Debut season in 2014 before their own fans, and is in addition the combined forces of reserve champion of the 2012 Polish Gdynia Seahawks and Sabercats Sopot – the Seahawks Sopot will take place on May 24.

American football friendly
Angels Toruń-Lowlanders Białystok
Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 2:00pm
Toruń, Armii Ludowej 47/61 street - which is known for the How to fumble in front of the endzone

Dawid Witnik