Sweden: Black Knights Take On The Future

Orebro Black Knights will not be active just in American football. Team is planning to support and expand in other sports as well!

After seeing the teaser, we talked to Marko Nesovic, one of the guys who came from Serbia (Vukovi Belgrade) to play for Orebro. Marko shared a quick insight about the team: "Orebro Black Knights is an amazing organization - football is on a much higher level than the one I used to play, stadiums are flawless, and atmosphere is unforgettable! Everyone on the team is working together towards the goal we set, and despite the fact we were the vice-champs last year, we are ready to put in much greater work in order to reach the gold. Our motives, great discipline and knowledge will help us on this road. It only took one year for Orebro to become my family, and there is no obstacles why this great family shouldn't expand to other sports as well!"