Berlin Adler: Twitter Q&A With QB Darius Outlaw

Outlaw as WR at Mizzou. Photo: Getty Images
Welcome to the second social media interview of the season, this time with Berlin Adler Quarterback Darius Outlaw.

@BjoernWernerBTM: What ist he first word, that comes to your mind, when you hear the word "Leader"?
Darius Outlaw: Accountable

@Big6Europe: You have played for many teams so far, the Adler as well. What makes Berlin special to you?
DO: Berlin is special because when I first came to this city I really fell in love with the culture and the people.

Andrea Krause (via Facebook): Are you happy now playing for the Adler?? And do you feel comfortable in the team??
DO: Oh yeah! I’m loving the team right now. I must say I feel very comfortable with the team. Like I never left ;-)

@BjoernWernerBTM: Do you like Johnny? [Adler Offensive Coordinator @johnnyschmuck, Anm. d. Red.]
DO: Ohh yeeah! Coach and friend, I'm in heaven.. Football wise.

Alexander Schulzendorff (via Facebook): How does it feel after playing many years for the Rebels now wearing an Adler jersey?
DO: So of course it's different, but Berlin Adler is Hauptstadtfootball

@BjoernHesse: Do you have a Pre-Game Ritual?
DO: I have just 2! Praying and sleeping with my gameplan all week!

@The_LastLetter: How many Completions to @ConradMeadows are you planning? Any TDs?
DO: I believe alot and more than enuff!! ;-)

@Fighti: In 2006 you were already playing for the Adler. Back then the season almost ended in relegation. What is different this year?
DO: The difference is 2006 we had good coaches but this year we have a full staff of good and players that are focused.

Benedict Lischak (via Facebook): What are the Adler capable of doing this season???
DO: Well, I believe that The Adler are going to win and find our way in the championship!

@Big6Europe: How do you think can the Adler compete with other teams that are upgrading massively like Braunschweig for instance?
DO: I think we can compete with all teams in GFL, I think my team base german players gives us an advantage.

@Big6Europe: What is the bigger challenge: GFL or BIG6?
DO: GFL because we have to play each team twice and 3 rounds of playoffs, BIG6 only 2 games maybe 3.

@Big6Europe: What do the Adler have to achieve, that you would call it a successful season?
DO: To be successful we got to first believe in each other and our coaches and we all have to be accountable!

@RobertVerchow: Which QB do you like more? The Pocket/Pass QB (Brady, Manning) or the Rush/Pass QB (Wilson, Manziel)?
DO: I must say, I love throwing but I love the mobility of Wilson. I grew up watching Randall Cunningham and Vick!

@RobertVerchow: If you had the chance to choose one NFL team, for whom would you like to play?
DO: Born and raised an Atlanta Falcon, sorry Matty Ice!

@RobertVerchow: Which game of your college career was the most memorable for you?
DO: Beating the Nebraska Cornhuskers after 27 years! I threw a TD, caught a TD and almost ran one.

@Fighti: As an former Mizzou Tiger: How do you see the rivalry between Adler/Rebels? Like Mizzou/Kansas?
DO: To a certain degree it is similar but alot of differences. Nobody speaks even when we all live in the same city;-)

@americanarena: How did football become the most popular sport in the US?
DO: I believe that it has gotten more popular do to all the endorsement deals and the mulitmedia coverage.

@BjoernHesse: On Instagram it’s obvious that you’re a real Jordan Freak. How many pairs have you got and which one is your favorite shoe?
DO: Ok so I have a few pairs! :-) But my favorite is the Jordan 11 all white with the ice blue bottom (UNC).

@The_LastLetter: Why do you look like Obama? Didn't you do a Obama commercial?
DO: Haha! Oh yeah, I was @BarackObama on german TV. Thanks for the noticing & I hope it’s not bad I resemble him!

DO: Thanks for tuning in. I enjoyed and I hope you did too! The next important thing is to make sure you follow me and @berlin_adler.

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