Denmark: Razorbacks Big Win In Week 1

On Sunday afternoon - after a long winter of preparations, Danish National League had it's Week 1 games.

Triangle Razorbacks played the Red Devils, and it didn't take them long to put the first points on the scoreboard by RB Thomas Feer. Devils couldn't keep up with the Razorbacks, and at the end of the first half score was 38:0.

Second half of the game wasn't that different, so the Razorbacks HC Ken Suhl decided to have fun and let the new guys on the field. Devils managed to score only 1 TD, and the final score was: 63:6.

"On overview was a good start to the season against a newly promoted side who battled well for four quarters. Offense came out fast and set the tone of the game, defense forced a few turnovers and put the QB under constant pressure. Always looking to improve as any championship caliber team should, so this game is done now and our focus is drawn to the 89ers on May 10th." says James Perrineau, Razorbacks DL/OL.

RB Thomas Feer - 6-0
WR Henrik Hindum - 12-0 (pass from P. Linnemann)
RB Thomas Feer - 19-0 (PAT af Dian Hansen)
RB Geoffrey Lewis 25-0 (Pass from P. Linnemann)
TE Thomas Brill 31-0 (Pass from Martin Bach)
WR Thomas Pedersen 38-0 (PAT af Dian Hansen) 
WR Mikael Bach 44-0 (Pass from Peter Linnemann) 
WR Henrik Hindum 50-0 (Pass from P. Linnemann)
RB Mads Nyvang 56-0
RB Brian Prehn 63-6 (PAT af Thomas Feer)