Germany: Talib Wise Signs With Berlin Adler

Photo: Kersten Magdanz
Talib Wise is a well-known name in Europe, as this will be his 10th year as an import player. He was one of the first imports to be inducted in our Hall of Fame.

The runningback already played for Berlin back in 2010, when he was the second best runner in the league, and has achieved the most purpose yards - 1,938. 

"I resigned with Berlin because my first year there in 2010 was an awesome experience. I was apart of a team and city that plays hard every play and takes pride in their country. My NFL workout stopped me from retuning to Swarco Raiders, but like I always say things happen for a reason and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This is my 10th year playing pro ball coming up and I'm just as excited as I was when I first started playing. My love for the game led me back to Berlin.

My expectations for this season is nothing short of winning the BIG 6 and German Bowl. Those are my goals for every year. I love playing and I love winning. We have a great chance with the guys in Berlin this year. Great coaching and imports and local players. Look forward to the challenge
." says Wise.

He almost didn't come back to Europe this year as he was invited to an NFL workout. However, although he had an outstanding performance - things didn't work out.

"The workout was intense! There were over 400 guys out there - offense and defense, trying to secure a few spots. I was nervous as everyone was but since I've had experience in being in the NFL with my time with the Chicago Bears and all my pro experience with arena league and Europe, I felt I had an advantage over the mostly young crowd of guys fresh out of college. 

I ran a 4.4 40 yard dash, caught all my balls and did well, but I can't tell you why they didn't call me back. It's all in Gods hands. I'm just happy and blessed to be still able to get a job overseas playing for a great organization. Because out of all those hundreds of guys out there, I'm the only one who is playing and got the opportunity to play overseas so I'm the lucky one."