Novi Sad Dukes: Webb Transfers To Allgau Comets

Earlier this year we wrote about Orlando Webb signing with the GAT Novi Sad Dukes, Serbia. However, after two games (2-0, 104:13 total), things weren't clicking between the Dukes and their import.

Both parties decided to take different directions, and Dukes have let Orlando go to his former team Allgau Comets (GFL1). 

There is no doubt that Orlando is an extraordinary athlete, who scored 5 TDs in 2 games this season in Serbia, however, coming from a big, organized, team such as the Comets, he couldn't click in Novi Sad. Luckily, once his concerns were brought up to the Novi Sad team, a mutual agreement has been made, and Orlando was able to transfer to the Comets.

"My time here in Novi Sad was up and down. I had good and bad. The night life was great. Always something going on. It was not what I expected from an organizational standpoint. Some situations we were in just rubbed me the wrong way. The guys on the team were great on the field and off when we met in public. But that was only a few guys. 

I have nothing bad to say about the team and how the guys play, but I just didn't fit in. I'm leaving because I felt like I would be comfortable at home in Germany. I'm a big believer in being proactive and not reactive. I felt it would be better to leave the team and not let my play affect them because I was unhappy. I felt the team would be better off without an unhappy camper." says Webb.

By the Serbian league rules - teams are allowed to replace one American player by a certain date, so Dukes will use this option in order to bring in another import to fill Orlando's place. In Germany, season is starting in roughly 2-3 weeks, and Orlando might not be able to play for the first couple games, however - Comets have a long 14 games season so he won't be missing out as much.

"It was an honor to have an athlete such as Webb on our team. He was a productive player on the field and we can only wish him the best of luck in Germany where he already spent 2 years with the Comets. After talking to Webb, we agreed that having an unhappy import is not the best situation. I'd also like to mention that we formed a good relationship with the Comets, and that we're hoping to learn from them as a team via possible scrimmage or practice somewhere down the line." says Igor Stanisic.