CEFL: Silverhawks Win In Budapest

Ljubljana Silverhawks came to their second CEFL win, where Jason Lee Kramer pass for two and rushed for one touchdown.

Score box: Docler Wolves – Ljubljana Silverhawks: 0 – 41 (0-13, 0-7, 0-7, 0-14)

Ljubljana Silverhawks started the game with an American QB – Jason Lee Kramer, although he had joined the team as an import for the defense.

Silverhawks defense came up big already at first punt return, when Jure Laharnar made advantage of good blocking and skilfully return it for touchdown. Jure Bezica missed the PAT.

At first the Wolves defense did not leave any place to run for the Silverhawks, so the Silverhawks HC Rok Štamcar have decided to pass a lot more. This had leaded them to the red zone, where Rok Sedej scored a touchdown on a speed option. Aleš Zakšek was successful on a PAT and did not fail to deliver ever since.

The Silverhawks defense continued to stop the Wolves and forced them to punt several times, whereas their offense continued with diverse game: in second quarter Jason Lee Kramer passed to Eugen Sumic for touchdown, in third he run for one and in fourth he passed to Bojan Justin for his third overall.

At the end of the game also Silverhawks non-starters get a chance to play. This did not change the balance of power on the field. On the contrary, Matic Tomše put the final score 0-41 with a designed QB run.

After the game Jason Lee Kramer said following: “I felt great today. I was very nervous to start the game, but after a few plays my nerves settled down and I wasn’t thinking about anything but playing the game. 

I am blessed with great teammates who supported me all game and made the game come real easy. The offensive line, receivers and running back on offense took all the pressure of me. I just had to get them the ball, and they made me look good. Defensively the game was won in the trenches: the defensive line never gave them a shot and freed up all of the linebackers to make easy tackles.”

Andrej Šadl

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