Serbia: Vujnovic, Washington & Cvetkovic On Dukes & Wild Boars Upcoming Game

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
Novi Sad Dukes and Kragujevac Wild Boars always had a silent rivalry going on as both teams continuously kept fighting for the 2nd spot in the Championship. 

However, Wild Boars were more successful, although Dukes are the only team where WB have a negative W-L score.

Luka Vujnovic, one of the biggest threats Dukes have, pointed out that he's excited that the Dukes can show that there's a "third team" in Serbia that is in the race for the championship, besides the Vukovi and Wild Boars.

"We faced notable changes this year - more players are showing up at practice, guys are more serious about gym too. We showed that we're back to get our old shine back in Week 1 and Week 2. Unfortunately, in Week 3 we had too many mental mistakes vs Vukovi. But, we are working to correct them, and head to Kragujevac well prepared." says Vujnovic.

"Our imports are extremely focused athletes, and they have been helping us tremendously as coaches as well. We don't have a USA coach, and our Serbian HC is doing a great job. Imports are changing our teams mentality for better. There has been a lot of rumors that our RB Sumler is not the best out here, and my response to that is "Try tackling him". We also had a recent change where WR Webb was replaced by Holt, who still didn't get a chance to shine, and game vs Wild Boars will be just that. Last but not least, Terry Washington our DB/RB is an extraordinary athlete and playmaker, and I feel that his time to shine is yet to come as well.

More focused team will take the W. Games vs WB have always been nothing but fair play, and we're also friends off the field." - wraps up Vujnovic.

Terry Washington added: "I watched film on the Wild Boars and they are solid on both offense and defense. They are definitely beatable. I think we as a team proved that any team in this league is beatable if you are mentally prepared. As long as we as a team take care of our responsibility there is no limit to what the outcome of this game can be."

It's interesting to mention that WB's WR Ken Hale was offered by the Dukes last year, however things didn't work out. 

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
Wild Boars just came out of a big game vs Vukovi in the CEFL league where they managed to beat the Vukovi, and are entering the game vs Dukes a bit more relaxed. 

Darko Cvetkovic, WB CB: "There's a lot of excitement in our camp about this upcoming game, especially because of the two games last season. Also, after EU Championship B Group - Novi Sad and Kragujevac bonded on a new level. But, with that being said, we are aware of the domestic players who are leading the Dukes, who also made sure to get the best possible imports they could find. 

Dukes have always been trouble for the Wild Boars, and after 6 years they are finally coming to Kragujevac. Last time they played here they took the W. 

Of course there is rivalry between our teams, but the most beautiful kind. This will be the day that will begin with a focused sports play, and will end with laughter and small talk between friends. This will be a great day to be a Wild Boar and a Duke."

Kickoff is on Sunday, and, like Darko said, this will be the first time after 6 years for Kragujevac to host Novi Sad.

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