Adler: Submit Qs For TwitterQ&A With WR Conrad Meadows

Photo: Marten Vollbrecht
Germany is soccer crazy and can’t wait fort his week’s game against Klinsmann’s US boys. One who will be watching eagerly is Berlin Adler Wide Receiver Conrad Meadows, with 5’9’’ one of the most explosive import players in the German Football League (GFL). 

Almost every game you can count on a return touchdown of the US playmaker, but on the upcoming Saturday he’ll return your questions in the next Berlin Adler Twitter interview #FragConrad. 

Fans and journalists can send us their questions until Friday, June 27, 6 pm CET via the Adler social media accounts, either comment the post on Facebook/Instagram or tweet directly to @berlin_adler with the hashtag #FragConrad. The best 10-15 questions will be taken into account for Saturday’s TwitterQ&A.