Interview: Bjoern Werner - From Berlin Adler To Indianapolis Colts

Bjoern Werner started playing football in Germany, with Berlin Adler. However, most of us know him as the European who was drafted by the Colts.


The biggest adjustment was the athleticism. High schools have the facilities on campus so it makes it easier to get your lift and running sessions in. And they have team lifts and condition so everybody has to work out.


Special moment I was able to experience in New York with my family from Germany. Very anxious event because only thing you want to know is were you will play. Happy its over and the Colts are my team.


We had a great run last year and we are building on it for this year. I had to do it all as a rookie, from carrying pads/helmets to being the light switch guy in the meeting room to singing in front of the whole team and coaches.


Least favorite missing games due to injury
Favorite moment - Kansas city play off comeback

Helping EU players

Next year I want to start with football camps. Also I want to find young players who have the talent and the guts to come to America and play football. I know a few college coaches you would love the next European football star.

Words of wisdom

Never think you have arrived. To be great you have to sacrifice and put in everything you have. HARD WORK PAYS OFF