Poland: Will Wroclaw Manage To Stop Gdynia's Perfect Season?

Photo: Łukasza Skwiot www.skwiot.pl
Season in Poland is getting even more interesting - especially in Week 8 when Wroclaw Panthers will host Gdynia Seahawks. 

Gdynia is now at 8-0, and Wroclaw is 6-2. Both teams are favorites to enter the championship. 

To make the game more interesting - both teams have quite a number of TDEU Hall of Famers. Demetrius Eaton, Deante Battle and Mark Philmore vs Charles McCrea, Lance Kriesien and Tunde Ogun.

"This is the biggest match up of the year. We waited 2 months for the rematch. First game in Gdynia didn't go well for us because we made tons of mistakes. Now it's time to fix them. This is also the match up of the MVP contenders. Jamal Schulters vs Tunde Ogun will make this game even more interesting. We called this day the "Black Sunday", so the fans know they should wear black and be loud. The game might not be so important for the result of the regular season but it sets the tone for the playoffs" says Panthers GM - Kuba Glogowski.

Panthers are known for their well-organized marketing, and preparing for this game was not an exception. 

"We left tickets around the city. We showed up at 3 big events playing football and handing out flyers with our cheerleaders and mascot. We also did a lot ot promo in the local media and in social media to interact with the fans. You could see us everyday. 

The fans can expect top notch football, a great show from the Wild Cats, Miaurycy once again will show who is the cool cat in town and we have a lot of prizes from our partners. So if you want a Sunday with great sport, food, music and entertainment you know where you should be" says Glogowski.

Game is scheduled for this Sunday, 2pm. You can also come back to TDEU where we'll post the live stream of the game.