Berlin Adler: Twitter Q&A With Conrad Meadows

The upcoming games are enormously important for the Berlin Adler with the Berlin-Derby this Sunday and the Eurobowl against the NewYorker Lions in the following week. 

In this week’s TwitterQ&A Berlin Adler Wide Receiver Conrad Meadows gave his insight on several topics, not just regarding the GFL and BIG6. 

Welcome to our next TwitterQ&A of the season, this time with Berlin Adler Wide Receiver Conrad Meadows.

Thanks to everyone for handing in their questions via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

@joescribe: Where did you watch Thursday’s USA-Germany soccer match? How intense do you follow the World Cup? 
@ConradMeadows: Watched the USA-Germany game in an American Bar surrounded by German fans! I follow the World Cup religiously!

@Big6Europe: What are your season highlights so far? 
@ConradMeadows: Season highlights so far is winning the semi-final of the Big 6 in Innsbruck vs. the Swarco Raiders

@bjoernhesse: How is this season different than your other seasons with the Adler?
@ConradMeadows: I feel we have a lot more depth on the team, which is very important considering we can play up to 20 games.

@joescribe: Now that you’ve been in Europe for years, how do you see the development of the game? 
@ConradMeadows: like everything else it comes down to money. Promotion, promotion promotion. One can only hope it keeps improving.

@joescribe: Compare growing up in the outskirts of Los Angeles with your experiences living in Berlin. 
@ConradMeadows: growing up on a farm and living in Berlin is a complete 180. People move faster in the city.

@footballaktuell: How do you like Germany in general and Berlin specifically? You are almost a local :) 
@ConradMeadows: Germany is an exciting place. Berlin always has something going on, always! Aber Ich bin kein Einheimischer!!

@AmFiD: Why are you every season coming back to Berlin? ;) 
@ConradMeadows: Berlin the city is 2nd to none in Europe. Guys on the team are great to be around and the Adler are a strong program.

@Fighti: From the outside it looks like, the Adler have a lot of fun on the field. More so than in the years before. Ist his really the case? 
@ConradMeadows: Adler guys are always fun & crazy. Also more imports this season which has made it fun to be around each other.

Marten Cromartie (via Facebook): What did u feel after we win the semifinal against swarco?
@ConradMeadows: after the win it felt good to be headed to the Big 6 Championship

@AmFiD: How bi gare your chances winning the Eurobowl? Is Braunschweig tougher than Tirol? 
@ConradMeadows: We have a great chance of winning the Big6. Just make plays. The LIONS will be tough. Equally if not tougher than Tirol.

@Big6Europe: Is it an advantage playing the BIG6 Final in Berlin?
@ConradMeadows: I would say its an advantage to NOT play in Braunschweig. Ill tell you after the game if Berlin was an advantage.

@Big6Europe: How can you beat the Lions? 
@ConradMeadows: We can beat the Lions by making more plays and scoring more points.

@MiaBajin: Which team outside Germany would you love to play against the most (and why)? 
@ConradMeadows: I would like to play the Gdynia Seahawks of Poland. Only because of Quarterback and former teammate Lance Kriesien!

@AFIReview: Do you spend time with younger athletes in Germany? How does the experience compare to playing football in the US? 
@ConradMeadows: The younger kids practice the same days as us just earlier, so I've gotten to know a lot of them and their families. it's hard to compare experiences in Europe and the US. The players here in Europe show equal passion for the game.

@bjoernhesse: What do you do when you want to relax from football? Is there anything you’re missing in Germany compared to the US? 
@ConradMeadows: simple, I miss the weather from California. And a lot of restaurants.

@bjoernhesse: Are you a typical westcoast guy? What kind of music do you listen before a game?
@ConradMeadows: I'm not a typical westcoast guy. I don't surf and don't say bro. I don't listen to music before games.

Zambael Mexikano (via Facebook): Which are the best three books that you read? 
@ConradMeadows: 'Never Die Easy' autobiography of Walter Payton is my favorite book.

@Affe81: Next year again Berlin?
@ConradMeadows: Next year again in Berlin?! Haha no clue.

@ConradMeadows: Thanks for your questions! Until next Sunday against the Rebels! #GoAdler