Berlin Adler: Twitter Q&A With Sy, Andersen, Petersen & MacKay

Photo: Lothar Köthe, Stephan Dannhaus
#FragAdler before EUROBOWL XXVIII
Before the EUROBOWL our four European import players Mamadou Sy (FRA), Phillip Andersen (DK), Lars Petersen (DK) and Glenn MacKay (UK) answered your twitter questions.

Thanks to everyone who sent us questions via twitter.

@bjoernhesse: What were the main reasons for you guys to come and play for Berlin? 
Glenn MacKay: To be part of a strong team and to live in a beautiful city and be exposed to a new culture. 
Mamadou Sy: I play national team in France and Kim came to watch us play against USA. After the game coach Kim called me and asked me to play GFL. Of course I wanted to. I said yes because it’S the best in Europe. 
Phillip Andersen: I sent video out to a couple of teams. I thought this was great opportunity for the football and from the city. 
Lars Petersen: I chose to come to Berlin for study reasons. I heard of Adler already from Denmark. 

@bjoernhesse: What is your favorite place in the city?
Mamadou Sy: Alexanderplatz, because it’s the first place where I go in Berlin and there are so many tourists.
Lars Petersen: Right now Hackescher Markt area. I like the shops and it’s close to where I live.
Phillip Andersen: I really like hanging out in Prenzlauer Berg.
Glenn MacKay: Berlin has so many places, I haven’t found it yet.

@TouchdownEurope: Being part of Adler – how much did you have to change knowing you’re a part and representing one of Europe’s #1 teams?
Phillip Andersen: I haven’t changed that much. I’m part of a bigger team. A new lifestyle for me is that I only have to focus on football now, that really makes you develop much quicker.
Lars Petersen: As a player I had a lot of high expectations because the GFL has a reputation of being a high level and for me it’s about developing as a player.
Glenn MacKay: I came from a very similar lifestyle having football as a main priority. Other than the language barrier nothing has changed.

@Big6Europe: What is the difference between the Adler and other teams? Why do you rather play Hauptstadtfootball?
Glenn MacKay: There are some rule differences between Canada and GER, but other than that it doesn’t matter where you’re playing. It’s always a family of guys that are focused on what they’re doing. Of course winning is more fun, which makes the Adler more attractive.
Mamadou Sy: The professionalism. There are many good people at practice. For me all the players speak English. In Berlin my first month was odd, because in France I never spoke English.
Lars Petersen: The intensity is so much higher in the practices here. There’s a lot of competition between the linebackers.

@bjoernhesse: What was your biggest game or greatest accomplishment on the football field so far?
Mamadou Sy: For me playing with Team France in Austin, Texas. And against Sweden I had a pick-6.
Lars Petersen: My greatest accomplishment was becoming a starter during the FEC for the Danish national team. Before that I had a game with 16 Tackles and a sack.
Glenn MacKay: The Swarco game was pretty huge, just knowing what it meant for the players and coaches. That’s what got us to the Eurobowl.
Phillip Andersen: My biggest game was the one against Swarco, the atmosphere was very intense. Winning there was a great feeling.

@Big6Europe: People say, a bad rehearsal is a good sign. Does last week’s tight loss against Kiel have any effects on the Eurobowl?
Glenn MacKay: It highlights the fact, that if we don’t play our game to our potential, we can hurt ourselves. 
Mamadou Sy: I play the game. Every game is a new game for me. I can win a game against NewYorker and the next game is a total new game. All games are new performances.
Lars Petersen: I think it could help because everyone is focused on getting a title to Berlin. The loss might have boosted our focus for the game.

@Big6Europe: What does the Eurobowl mean for you?
Phillip Andersen: It would be the greatest accomplishment so far. The fact it means so much for the team. It’s the biggest game you can play in Europe. To be able to play it with this team, I feel confident and fortunate to play with this guys. It would mean a great deal to win it with this team.
Glenn MacKay: That title means we’re the best team in Europe and no one can take that away from us.
Lars Petersen: It’s probably the biggest game where I have been part of. 
Mamadou Sy: It’s big! My last club in France, Flash de La Courneuve, played three times in the Eurobowl and lost… I need the Eurobowl!

@RobertVerchow: What are your pre-game rituals?
Mamadou Sy: Nooo. Because ritual is not good for me. One day I listen music, the other day I’m not.
Lars Petersen: Usually I go out on the field and do some mobility exercises, but no, nothing ritual.

@TouchdownEurope: Who are your football role models?
Glenn MacKay: Too many to name. I try to take aspects from many Receivers skill sets.
Mamadou Sy: No, just some times I like the Defense, like the Seahawks, but no particular player.
Phillip Andersen: From a kickers perspective I have to say Justin Tucker from Baltimore.
Lars Petersen: No, but I like Patrick Willis a lot as a LB. I’m a Steelers Fan, so Troy Polamalu because he’s just making plays.

@bjoernhesse: What is your favorite book or sports movie?
Phillip Andersen: Remember the Titans is pretty good. I like the book version of The Great Gatsby. Grand Budapest hotel, I really like Wes Anderson.
Lars Petersen: Any Given Sunday. I just read the first book of the Godfather, the Sicillian
Mamadou Sy: The Blind Side.

@bjoernhesse: Any predictions for the game on Saturday? 
Mamadou Sy: I don’t like to speak before the game. I’ll just play my best football.
Glenn MacKay: It’ll be a fight.
Phillip Andersen: It’s gonna be a close match. Both teams have great players.
Lars Petersen: I think it’s gonna be tight, but the Adler is definitely bringing it home.