ESW Camps Powered By Under Armour: Interview With Coach Rex Norris

Under Armour has recognized the effort of European American football leagues, teams and, most importantly, coaches and players. 6 camps in 6 cities will be hosted by EuroStopWatch and all are powered by Under Armour! It's still not too late to sign up! For more info, click HERE.
Rex Norris coached college football and NFL teams during the past 40 years. After playing the position of linebacker himself, Norris moved on to coaching college football. In 1972 already, he was coaching Texas A&M.

He served at Oklahoma for a total of 11 seasons (1973–1983), filling the positions of defensive coordinator, assistant head coach. Norris moved on to Arizona State. The next season Norris made the switch from college football to the NFL when took a job at the Detroit Lions

After the Lions he returned to college football at Florida, Tennessee and Texas. In 1994 went to the Denver Broncos, followed by the Tennessee Oilers and finally the Chicago Bears. However, in 2004, Norris moved continent to coach in the NFL Europa league, defensive line coach and DC at the Amsterdam Admirals.


The biggest achievements have always been the success that the players have individually or collectively as a team. As a member of several coaching staffs, I have enjoyed being a part of back to back National Championships at the University of Oklahoma, being on the winning team of several bowl games such as the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Sun Bowls and a few others. 

Winning our division with the Chicago Bears while leading the NFL in defense vs. the run and finishing 2nd vs. scoring is so memorable. The NFL Europe World Bowl victory in 2005 against Berlin was a top memory.

My favorite moments were having the pleasures of coaching numerous players that were not only good football players, but really great people. I've been fortunate to coach Lombardi Award, Outland Award, Pro Bowlers and NFL Hall of Fame members, but my crowning achievement was having one of my players who was an Academic-All-American and NFL player ask my permission to name his first son after me. That was an extremely proud moment.

Players Basic Mistakes

The biggest mistake that I've seen players make of the off- the- field variety is poor associations, choice of
entertainment, or overall poor judgment.

The on- the -field mistakes are when a player makes the same mistakes by not correcting particular errors in his technique or not taking advantage of mental repetitions when hearing another player's technique corrections. 

The good player is often guilty of trying too hard but "lazy steps" is never the case. The good player not only knows "how" to use a technique but he also understands the "why" in using a correct technique. That makes coaching a lot easier and much more enjoyable.

ESW Camps Powered by Under Armour

Players will learn through instruction and repetition the technique and understanding on how to play their position the same way elite players, at every level, have done through the years.

The camp will cover alignments, stances, reactions and fundamentals used vs. the running game and in rushing the passer.

Athletes will be challenged to show their skills. Learning the fundamentals and goals of football will make for
a sound understanding of the game. They will be able to relate to the challenges and difficulty faced by other players in the sport. This knowledge will carry over to other sports as well.

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