Finland: Bynes Leading Royals To Straight W's

Photo: Jean Christophe
We started catching up with QB Herb Bynes couple months ago, as soon as he signed with the Wasa Royals in Finland. 

Finland is known for the season starting rather late compared to other countries, however, Herb said that wasn't an issue for him since he could spend the holidays with his daughter.

"I signed with the Royals, because I felt like it was a good idea to make and the fact that the coach was upfront and he had NFL Europe and NFL experience. The expectations are simple, perform at the highest level, win games, be dominant, get into the playoffs and win a championship." said Bynes before the season even started.

And now, couple months later, he added: "The preseason went well we won 48-17. We played our first game June 15th and won 20-0 , then we had our second game 45-3. I had a fairly decent game, my offense is starting to click and we're making very good progress forward. For this game I am very confident in my team abilities to get the job done and offensively for us to put it all together."

This is not the first time for Herb to play in Europe, as he already spent a season in France playing for the La Queue en brie Gladiateurs. We asked him to compare football in both countries: "I am enjoying myself here. The players are dedicated individuals who show up to practice everyday. The league is good and there are competitive spirits in this league. In comparison to France, I'll say from a team standpoint that the guys show up more consistently than my previous team."