Germany: Lubeck Cougars Move To 5-3 [Video]

Photo: Zelter Media
GFL 2's Lubeck Cougars have been struggling with injuries, however, they can still put on a good show! They just played against the Elmshorn Fighting Pirates, and won with 70:34.

"The game was a good game considering that we were able to score 70 points and 584yds offense. Our team responded well to Elmshorn a tough team that beat us the first game of the season. 

When we are at our best we are a good team, at the same time being young we have our ups and downs with consistency. 

We have not been lucky this year with injuries, losing our leading scorer from last year and some other key players has left our roster depleted so its an uphill battle each week, having such a small roster we have to give everything we have and a little more because in the GFL2 North anyone can beat anyone. 

The victory was good but there is no time to celebrate because we have another tough opponent coming in here next week and we cannot look past them." - says Cougars HC - Willie Robinson.

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