Interview: Marcin Bluma - Gdynia's Derrick Coleman

Photo: Marcin Warpechowski
Once we heard about Marcin Bluma, WR for Seahawks Gdynia, we knew it's a story we had to cover! 

Instead of us doing the introduction, we asked Marcin's QB, Lance Kriesien, to tell us a bit about Marcin: "Marcin Bluma is simply a remarkable human being. He is a very intelligent, artistic, and athletic person who is a valuable member of the tri-city community and the Gdynia Seahawks. And he also happens to be deaf. 

What he is has been able to accomplish without the comfort of one of man's most coveted senses is really inspiring. For me his presence challenges me, not because of a disability, but because he redefines what "excuses" we use in life as to why we can't do or be something. In short, he is a exceptional team mate who has raised a few standard here in Seahawk country. "

Seahawks, process of adapting

My name is Marcin Bluma. I was born in 1986. in Gdansk. From birth I have a hearing problem. I joined the team in October 2009, this year it will be my 5th season. I had trouble hearing. the coach said no problem and although only there tried it and accepted me.

In the beginning of the hard-learning experience - step by step basic formations and tree routes, I was weak and difficult as it works so hard. I practiced at home and ran to move more and speed into the woods. But the next year I started getting better thanks to the American who came to us from who I learned a lot.

Art and Football

I'm a sculptor, I have two Masters. I graduated from the Sculpture Department of Academy Arts in Gdańsk 2011. And again this year I graduated from the Architect Design of Academy Arts in Gdańsk 2014, because it can help me find good work. However, art is my life and I have the soul of an artist. I have a lot of ideas and concepts. Football? That is my passion and I love sport.


Photo: Dariusz Jacek
When I was just starting, I was nervous, and I didn't know a lot. I had to react fast and look hard at the ball.
More I played, I started understanding what it means to play football and positions. As years pass by, I'm less nervous and I know what I have to do. But, if in the semi-finals or finals - it's completely different, because this is an important game. I know I have to be even more focused to win.

I never had any unpleasant situations, everything was fine. But, last year we were in the semi-finals and I had the ball, unfortunately, the opponent has hit me and I dropped the ball on the ground. Coach caught my helmet and was angry at me. And player poured water down my back lol Now it's all alright.

Season 2014.

In the beginning of the season we played against the Polish champion. We started off with a bang and we took the win! Perfect balance of eight wins in eight clashes. 9th match was a repeat of what we played in the first game, but we could not overcome the oponent, we lost, but it's good that we're still in the first place on the table. 

On Sunday we have an important game vs the Eagles Warsaw. We need to keep the first place on the table, so we can qualify for the semi-finals where we'd play 4th team - Kozly Poznan on their own pitch. We will fight for 100% and up to the very end. As usual, we are determined to win.

Mia Bajin