SAAF: Vukovi New-Old Champs, Kidnapped Turtle - Revenged

Saturday was a big day for American football in Serbia. 

Everything came down to one game - the championship between Vukovi Belgrade and Wild Boars Kragujevac. 

Vukovi secured their spot by having no losses during the season, while WB lost to Vukovi and the Dukes during the regular season. After a tough playoff game - Wild Boars took the W with only 1pt difference against the Dukes.

SBB Vukovi Beograd – Kragujevac Wild Boars 27:17 (13:10, 7:0, 7:7, 0:0)

It seemed like a routine win for the Vukovi. Vukovi had one TDEU Approved athlete on their team - Tony Washington, while the Wild Boars coach - Richard Bonds is in the TDEU Hall of Fame.

"It was a good team win. Our defense played an outstanding game, I tip my hat to them. I'm proud of my team for the effort they displayed. "Defense wins championships". Plus I can't say enough about our offensive line. Without the incredible job they do, we wouldn't even be having this conversation." says Vukovi QB, Shaun Rutherford.

However, the whole championship falls in the shadow... Of a turtle. Wild Boars kidnapped Vukovi Vojin Milic's turtle. Vukovi had one mission - to revenge the kidnapping of Vojin's little buddy.

We reached out to Vojin and asked him how it all started. Why was this turtle of such importance for the game?

"Once the playoffs were done, Kragujevac started with a social media campaign "Kragujevac wants the title" (see the photo below)

When I saw that, I looked at my turtle Frenkie and we had a good laugh. So, what we did, I took a photo of my little buddy with the medals I won with the Vukovi against the Wild Boars. I posted the photo on their fan page with the caption "Turtle ain't letting you have the title!". (photo below)

Right after that, jokes started. I didn't even think they would go that far to start planning how to kidnap my friend. They picked the night before the game. 

While I was at Ada (our stadium), helping prepare the field for the Championship on Saturday, couple of the Wild Boars players who arrived that night, went to my place and asked if they can take the turtle to bring it to me. No one found it suspicious since I usually have people come over to take the turtle if I didn't take it out for its walk. So, they took the turtle and its food.

All of a sudden, photos start showing up on Facebook. One of my teammates came to me and showed me photos of my little friend in a pot! Wild Boars were leaving turtle soup recipes under! I was in complete shock!!!

I rush back home to see if maybe they had some other turtle, but no! It was Frenkie! My Frenkie! They kidnapped him! They even checked in on Facebook that they were at my building. 

I couldn't sleep, I was furious! Both me and my teammates. We decided we will have our revenge. We will win the championship for Frenkie! And that's exactly what we did! We won the title - AGAIN. And I got my Frenkie back.

Now, as I'm telling you my story, he is safe with me, taking a bath with the gold medal that my team and I won for him."

Milic after winning the Championship and getting his buddy back.