TDEU: Scott Morrow Joins TDEU

For quite some time now we were publishing great articles by Scott Morrow, which were covering and analyzing football and teams in Ireland. We're more than excited to announce that Scott will be joining TDEU with his own section!

"My interest in American Football has grown considerably over the last number of years. I was always keen on the sport, from watching it on TV and playing Madden on the console. However, when I heard there was football in Ireland, I went down to check it out and became instantly hooked. I've now been playing contact football for the Belfast Trojans for 2 years, and in two weeks time, will be playing in my second Shamrock Bowl final!" says Scott.

It was not too long ago when Scott started to write as well. "I haven't been writing for that long, in fact it was only a few months ago that I really got started. Sport has always been a huge part of my life and I wanted to stay involved with it. I've always been keen on doing journalism, and when another football website, Double Coverage were requesting writers, I applied and was accepted. Since then I've done several match reports and articles that have been published on DC, NFL-Ireland and now TDEU."

We absolutely loved Scott's articles, that the next step was inviting him to join TDEU. 

"When I was asked to become a member of the TDEU writing team, I instantly jumped at the chance. To be writing for one of the biggest American Football websites in Europe is incredible and a huge privilege. I hope I can return their faith in me by producing work that the website can be proud of!