Poland: Angry Birds Win The Championship

Photo source: mmtrojmiasto.pl
This years Polish Championship was held in Gdynia, where Seahawks Gdynia played Wroclaw Panthers. Both teams were 8-2 during the regular season.

Winner was determined in the 3rd quarter, when Gdynia managed to make a 20+ pt difference, but, the game was exciting until the very end. During the first half both teams struggled, however, in 3/4 Kriesien-Ogun duo started putting points on the board.

Seahawks defense managed to stop Panthers' Jamal Schulters, who is the key player of the Panthers offense. Defense didn't 'stop there', but managed to make couple turnovers for the offense which was led by Lance Kriesien and Tunde Ogun.

We managed to catch up with Gdynia HC, Maciej Cetnerowski. "We managed to execute what we were preparing. I am proud of my team, we managed to step up and our offense was our dagger."



7:0 Tunde Ogun, 30 yd. PAT successful, Jacob Fabich
7:6 Bartosz Dziedzic, 55 yd pass

14:6 Lance Kriesien, 7 yd. PAT successful, Jacob Fabich
21:6 Tunde Ogun, 16 yd. PAT successful, Jacob Fabich
28:6 Tunde Ogun, 24 yd. PAT successful, Jacob Fabich
28:12 Grzegorz Mazur, 24 yd pass by Bartosz Dziedzic

35:12 Thomas Bialy, TD after recovering the ball in the Wroclaw endzone. PAT successful, Jakub Fabich
35:18 Mark Philmore, 9yd pass by Bartosz Dziedzic
41:18 Tunde Ogun, 21 yd
41:25 Jamal Schulters, 13 yd
41:32 Tomasz Dziedzic, 17 yd pass by Bartosz Dziedzic