SCAMMER IS BACK: Oxford Saints Are The New Target

Recently we have received an e-mail from Jermaine Wright from Charlotte, NC; who is in the process of negotiating with the teams he might be signing with.

A team from UK reached out to Wright, sending him a familiar e-mail... Luckily, Wright reached out to us to ask about the team, and there it was...

...Scammer we already wrote about who was pretending to be the coach of the Manchester Titans (Read the article HERE), has stolen one more identity - this time around he's pretending he's coach Steve Connor - who has been a coach in the NFL back in the 90's. 

Once we told Jermaine what's going on, we went on to locate Oxford Saints and let them know. Saints already knew about the scammer as he has been reaching out to more imports. They wrote about it on their website a while back - click HERE.

"Our advice to anyone who has been approached by anyone claiming to represent the Oxford Saints, is to contact us for clarification either through our official facebook page or by email at Furthermore if anyone asks you to transfer money or offers a paid contract, cease communication with them immediately. The Oxford Saints are an amateur club and we will never financially reward any players.

We are dissapointed that our good name as one of the UK's oldest American Football clubs is being misused to potentially cheat aspiring young American athletes out of money." said the Saints.

Wright was kind enough to share the "paperwork" he received, and we're attaching it under.