Serbia: Wild Boars To Help Novi Sad ESW Camp Powered By Under Armour

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
We already wrote about the ESW Camps powered by Under Armour that will take place in 7 European countries. One of them is in Novi Sad, Serbia on Sept 12/13.

Serbian vice-champion team - Kragujevac Wild Boars recognized the importance of the clinic and decided to jump in and help with sending the necessary props to Novi Sad. 

One of the assistant coaches selected for the camp - Darko Cvetkovic helped "seal the deal". Team president was nothing but kind and supportive and the deal was on. Thanks to the Wild Boars, Novi Sad location will have everything needed for the players to get the most of what the camp is offering.

"We are very pleased as a team to be able to contribute to a big organization such as this one. Kragujevac has the history of helping American football in Serbia whenever we can - through lending gear, coaches etc. We really hope that this camp will become an annual thing in Serbia, and that domestic players and the National League will realize how important these clinics are for development of this young sport in Serbia" - says Nemanja Calija, Wild Boars president.

It's still not too late to sign up! You can do it via this link: