In Memoriam: Aki Jones (1982-2014)

We were all shocked last night once we heard the news that one of the first Americans to come to Europe to grow football and pave the way for others, has tragically died in a car accident.

Aki Jones played one year for the Washington Redskins - more about his career, click HERE to read his interview. Actually, he was one of the first people we interviewed.

Aki has touched many! He was one of those people who you'd either love or hate. He was very outspoken and, all was about helping football in Europe. He was also involved with NFL London office.

Jones was one of the first people to help with TDEU. His first advice to us was that many will try to take us down if we rub some the wrong way, especially if we publish something where there are two sides of the story. But he encouraged us to keep going and to stick with our vision. Later on, he became one of the regular bloggers on the site with awesome advice for imports - Pass-Sporting. He was also one of our Hall of Fame athletes.

Kuba Glogowski, Panthers Wroclaw VP: "Great player and a great personality who always knew how to change sport into entertainment. He helped introduce flag football to the kids in school which helped us develop great young players. He was a multitalent: athlete, performer, actor comedian. He was the best example Poland could have got in that time of the real American football at it's finest. Aki has also shown how making the decision to play in Europe can change your life and build a career. He bridged the gap for many players."

George Robinson, import: "My friend told me to look into euro football and the first article I found was about him. He actually took the time to email me back and forth about a team and country I was interested in he was a stand up man and we will miss him dearly."

 Aki Jones RIP.
October 25, 1982 - October 12, 2014