In The Trenches: My Plan Pt.2

Photo: Dorthe Kock

"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans"

That is (un)fortunately very true. Sometimes it's funny how you plan every bit out, and then everything changes. And sometimes it's sad. Back at my 2nd national team camp I was certain that I'd make the team. I was cut instead of a guy who didn't even attended the camp. Half a year earlier I thought I was gonna start for U19 in our semifinal game. I didn't. I got injured before halftime and we lost.

I already described my plan in my last post. I believed in it up until a date that I will never forget. 07/08/2014. I got injured. Again. I think it's about the eight time I got a knee injury. This is it. This is my resignation letter. I'm retiring. I am no longer a football player. It hurts so much just to think about it.

I'll still be coaching. U16 just got a new HC and he is great. You might remember him as my personal physical trainer, football coach and owner of Pure Performance; Andy. We recently lost to Esbjerg, so U16 is 2-3 right now. We have to win out if we want a playoff spot, and that is very unlikely. U19 still hasn't won a game and we don't even know if we can play the last games. The senior team is undefeated but might still not play in NL next season.

I'll still be training at Pure Performance. I love it, and a lot of my friends train there. Possibly not as often, but since my training goal isn't becoming the best possible athlete anymore, it won't be a dealbreaker. I might compete in some sort of "training/fitness sport" such as Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, maybe even Bodybuilding or Crossfit! When my knee is alright my first goal is to cut down. Waaay down. Preferably 8-12% body fat unless something turns up. Swimming, basketball and flag football might be some side interests.

Maybe I can play longsnapper. I know how to do it and if that'd be my purpose on the football field? Then I'd dedicate myself to be the best longsnapper I can be.

05/01/2011. That was the day that this crazy football ride started. Wednsday afternoon. My friend Casper (whom I last saw the day after my latest injury) asked if I wanted to come play with them in the gym hall. Why not? I didn't have anything better to do. It's all history from there.

Casper throwing it through the hoop from the other end of the gym hall. Cold February-March afternoons on a semi-frozen lawn, with no padding. Being at the very first practice in the new-started tackle club in Sønderborg. Coach Harald telling me to hold on to football because he believed in me. U17 tryouts. My first practice in Kolding. My first real season in 2012. That fantastic summer and fall of 2013, including playing for the Danish U19 national team, and playing in the Junior Bowl despite walking on crutches the day before. 

And so much more. Endless hours, so much blood, sweat and tears. All I can say is THANKS.

Daniel "GG-Watt" Gammelgaard