TDEU Heroes: Srdjan Zhan Stanojev, GM

Photo: Vukasin Karadzic
TDEU Heroes are people we don't get to see that much in the public eye. They are working long hours to help their teams behind the scenes and sometimes are dedicated even more than the players. If you know a Hero, send us a message, and tell us about your nominee!

Our new TDEU Hero used to be a player, well, a kicker. However even during his career he was going on and beyond to help the organizations he was a part of (Yes, kickers do transfer between teams, just like real players do). All jokes aside, he was one of the most dedicates athletes and teammates, as well as one of the biggest helping hands a team could have. Now, he's retired and fully committed to a GM position. 

Srdjan Zhan Stanojev started with the Novi Sad Dukes, where he offered his unconditional help and didn't stop there - from running around to storing equipment and props, to helping with paperwork. Once he became a part of the Vukovi Belgrade - he'd still help out wherever he was needed. 

We asked Kristian Kadvany, his teammate both from the Dukes and Vukovi, to give a bit more insight on Srdjan's work. 

- Have you ever met someone who does something with passion, where it makes you wonder - why does the person do that? There's no obvious motive. There's no reward. Well, I know a person that fits the criteria, and I know he does it out of pure love. He doesn't know to do it any differently. Once he said: "I simply hate to lose!", That person is a big friend of mine, as well as my teammate, Srdjan Zhan Stanojev. 

You know the saying - It doesn't matter how many times you fall, it matters if you'll get up. That's him.

After a very unlucky streak of bone fractures (unbelievably 3 on the same spot!), you think a person would just quit, go home, get the hell away from whatever caused this nightmare.I was there when the third one happened,and it was bad. He was broken, physically and spiritually. But as I said, he was no quitter. As soon as he recovered, he was attending games, cheering, supporting... Like nothing happened to him! After the season he started coaching, not giving up on his love for the game. Even if he can't play anymore, he will still be a huge part of football in Serbia. - says Kadvany.

Another former teammate from the Dukes, Andrej Puskas, had nothing but the best about Zhan who is currently the Dukes GM. 

- Apart from being an amazing kicker, Zhan has always been great a teammate, such a cool guy. He has always been contributing to the club both on and off the field. Unfortunately the injuries cut his career short, so him being hired now for the Dukes front office seems like a logical solution both for him and the team. I expect big things from him as Special team coordinator as well. - says Puskas.

Currently, Zhan is reevaluating the team and making big changes behind the scenes. From re-adjusting the system to switching the coaching staff. We wish him best of luck, but we know he's the man for the job as he was already doing similar things in the past for the same team.

Srdjan Zhan Stanojev, congratulations, you're a TDEU Hero!