Scammer Continues To Steal UK Teams Identities

We've received another warning from Micah Mobley and Bojan Djakonovic about the scammer falsely representing himself as a coach of another UK team.

Mobley received e-mails and Facebook messages. He shared the screenshots with us along with the e-mails and "contract". Mobley has already talked to the actual team and they cleared up for him that they can not bring imports nor provide housing and flights.

Right after that, Bojan received the message. Scammer sticked with the team, but used a different name.

- I received a message on Facebook from "Slime Philips" who asked me a direct question whether I play football. Seconds after I responded I received his e-mail address with instructions to send in my resume. It was suspicious, but, what's there to lose. I sent the resume, and saw he already added couple of my teammates from Sirmium Legionaries (Serbia) and had the very same "conversation" with them like he did with me. Most didn't even respond. After "evaluating" my resume, he reached out with a contract and, of course, the fee I need to send via MoneyGram. - says Bojan. 

This is the "contract" he received. Which is no difference than the ones we published in the previous two articles about, probably, the same person. 

Please be careful! Do NOT send any money to any teams. It's most likely a scam. Sussex Thunder has nothing to do with this, nor are involved in this in any way. Team is just another victim of this fraud.

Update: Team has released an official statement on their Facebook page

"The Sussex Thunder are a community club that is committed to promoting grassroots football and to teaching the sport of American Football in the Sussex area. We play in an amateur league that prohibits the payment of players.

The club has been contacted by a number of concerned individuals who have been targeted by scammers who have posed as members of the club in an attempt to get prospective players to sign "contracts" as paid players. These fraudsters then ask for a "processing fee" which is repaid upon arrival.

The club has reported this to the Police and would urge anyone that has been asked for money or paid money to contact the club either through this page or via email: so we can assist the police in their investigation as much as possible."