TDEU Heroes: Tomasz Kawiarowski, Team Manager

Photo: Ewa Susmarska

 TDEU Heroes are people we don't get to see that much in the public eye. They are working long hours to help their teams behind the scenes and sometimes are dedicated even more than the players. If you know a Hero, send us a message , and tell us about your nominee! We spent a week with the Warsaw Eagles (story coming soon), and, it was impossible not to notice a guy rocking team colors at all times, running around making sure everything is done and ready to go. Of course, we got interested about his story and we heard nothing but the best. A true TDEU Hero.

Tomasz Kawiarowski is the Warsaw Eagles team manager, as well as the equipment manager. He makes sure imports are where they need to be - especially practice. Besides that, he sets up the field for home games and oversees everything to go as smoothly as possible.

TDEU Hall of Famer, Charles McCrea: We look at the time and effort that goes into his job. Dealing with imports is not easy. Tomasz definitely tries to make it a lot easier for us. He may not be smiling all the time, but we know he cares about us.

McCrea's teammate, Andre Whyte, who is currently on his second season with the Eagles agrees with Charles - Tomasz organizes practices, pays dues, travels, transportation to games. makes sure newcomers have equipment. He's a great father, great person, excited about football. He's always in good spirits. He doesn't speak much English, but he tries. He was making sure our QB is good after his injury. You can count on him although he has a lot of things to do. he gets things done. He always wears orange and blue, always rocking the Warsaw Eagles colors. Even his phone homescreen is the Eagle. His truck is also all Eagle. He is 100% devoted.  

"The QB who got injured", Herbert Bynes, also shared his experience with Kawiarowski: After I got injured, he was there with the paramedics, listening to the conversation and making sure I was good at the hospital. He kept texting me, I DID have to do Google Translate, but I really appreciated it. Even when we talked - we just had the connection and I could actually understand. He made sure to pick me up as soon as I arrived back in Warsaw (I got injured at an away game). 

Tomasz Kawiarowski, congratulations! You're a Hero!