MIC'D UP: Who Is The Best?

Ever wonder how a team or your team would do in a different league? There are constant debates regarding which league/country is the best. 

While playing, coaching and training players in different countries and different levels, I often wonder how players and/or teams would do in another league. Germany is thought to be the most dominate of all european-American football leagues. After all there are 15 teams in the first division and to boost those teams, 80+ million inhabitants. That's more than double the population of Canada! Then there's Austria, with far less teams and far less disparity between the teams that hold strong value to their domestic players. 

When looking at these two different formats, Germany with two import rule, aided by E-passport players vs Austria one import rule and E-passport players, both in comparison to Poland for example, where there are two imports on the field. Where import is classified as any person of a non-Polish passport.
How would you rate the grade of football between the three?! Would you necessarily be able to say one is better quality football over the other? 
Take into account the disproportion of the quality of teams in each league. The quality and quantity of domestic players. Would the league federation have an impact of the perception of the quality of football? The GFL is the biggest and longest running Euro-American football league, Austria having the most professional product appearance overall and Poland with a huge push over the last decade, so much so that it's the fastest growing sport in the country! Even more, American football is the fastest growing sport in the world! Top rated sport in America and was awarded the initial nod of approval by the IOC. Countries such as Serbia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France to name a few, have top organizations in the sport as well.
Would it be fair to say that each of the top teams per country/league could compete against one another? 
Domestic players only and 2 import per side rule in effect, would be a consistent guide as to level the field.

The Big 6 is a tournament used to measure the "best" team in Europe.. Could there be a more effective way to determine this? Could there be a European Super League, where surrounding countries compete within a regional conference. Conference placers compete against other conference placers in tournament style, all to bring to a point the top teams in Europe? 

Having european-American football under 1 umbrella seems like a direction that would be possible, however is the possible, impossible? Could we actually never know the top team in Europe!

Mic Brown