MIC'D UP: Do You Have What It Takes To Play Abroad?

Having played at various levels and countries in football, there's one question that follows no matter where I seem to be... "How do you find the football here?"  From playing youth league, high school, semi-pro, juco, NCAA Div 1 and 2, CIS-Canada, Arena, U.S National Team and Canadian League; I've had my fair share of various levels of competition. 

There are two consistent answers that I have for this particular question.

  • One is; Football is football, no matter where you are. 
  • Secondly; Football between countries are incomparable. 

To elaborate there are different rules, accessibility to equipment and personnel, coaching, facilities, support cast, program structures, etc.. I've been in Europe playing, coaching, mentoring and being a liaison for teams and players, while being an ambassador to my home country, since 2008. Each year I've witnessed the growth of the American Football and how this sport can help players, fans and companies become a community.

As a personal example, football has taught me accountability, respect and helped me build a solid work ethic and foundation. Football has granted me access to education. Placing me in the position to obtain three post-secondary degrees, from three different countries (Master’s and two bachelors). Football has carried my wife and I around the world and have made lifelong friends and memories for a lifetime.

You possibly have a comparable testimony to what football means to you and what it has done for you. You will go through some rough times and the character you have built through football will forge you to overcome those obstacles. For many of you, football has done or will do wonders in your life or maybe it hasn’t yet, however the commitment, dedication and work you've put in only makes you more destined to persevere.

Further more, it takes a special individual to play in another country other than their home country. The differences in lifestyle and culture to name a couple. To find a balance between a great player and great character is often more a challenge to find than one could imagine.

To play in another country you have to be special, more special than what's available. Big. Fast. Strong. Athletic. Smart - come dime a dozen, however to have the total package?!

Diamond in the rough.

 If fall under the following criteria and are interested to inquire regarding furthering your playing career—be it football in Europe or searching for an opportunity to play in North America. There are numerous avenues that should be explored to help in the transition of extending your career.

To you I ask "What are you utilizing football for?" Better education? Quality of the football? The chance to play professionally?... Whatever it is and should you want to pursue an avenue to be a student-athlete or just an athlete contact me for a detailed consultation.

Mic Brown