SafeBet: Hässleholm Hurricanes, Aix-en-Provence Argonautes & Mödling Rangers

Bad news always travels faster than the good news. Over the past few years, we wrote about teams that don't hold up on their part of the deal, however, it's time to highlight the ones which do. We'll be featuring 3 teams each week, regardless of the division they're playing in, selected by the import community as a safe bet, in hopes to help both coaches and imports when making a decision on joining an organization.

Hässleholm Hurricanes, Sweden

Lonnie Hursey, Coach - The Hassleholm Hurricanes are a Class A organization. Everything they promised me in the contract was provided, plus more. The players went out of their way to make sure I felt welcome as well as the team manager (at the time) Uffe Palmbrink. He would invite me over every Friday for Taco Friday and I got to know his amazing family (wife and 3 kids). If I ever needed anything for the flat, they always figured it out and got it to me pretty fast. The field was very nice as well. Hassleholm is a smaller city in Southwestern Sweden, but I had a blast when I was there. I know one other coach (George Contreras) who coached there after me and will say the exact same thing but probably more eloquently. If anyone gets an offer to coach/play for the Hassleholm Hurricanes, I would defiantly recommend that you give it serious thought. With more and more clubs no honoring what they promise The Hurricanes are a SURE THING.

George Contreras, Coach - Sweden's Hurricanes provided a warm, family atmosphere in a rural setting. Good leadership doing good things with limited financial resources.

Aix-en-Provence Argonautes, France

Walter Pam, RB/DB -  This is a team and organization with a lot of history! They expect a lot out of their imports and don't expect anything but the best! They definitely like to put on a show. As for contract - they honor everything. If you produce on the field, then they will go above and beyond for you. If you don't produce, they will replace you! It's simple - just do your damn job!

Mödling Rangers, Austria

Photo: Sabine Simmel
Craig Maynard, QB - Family ran football organization. Very loyal! I played there 3 seasons in a row, two winless and one Championship season to get back up after being relegated down. Paid very well and always went by the contract! Great teammates!

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