Austria: Get Orange - Be A Tiger [Video]

We all know how important youth football is, but not too many devote the time to constantly develop youth programs under their organizations. One of the great examples how to run a successful youth program are the Juniors Tigers of Austria.

Alexander Stöger, sports director said that the club was founded 3 years ago by experienced people out of the football community in Austria - Our female president Sabine Katzmayer is in touch with American Football since late 80ies. She and her husband have been leading a club for more than 20 years and were involved in the Austrian federation as youth-football responsible and cashier.

Mr. Stöger started as a coach in 1999, and had a chance to attend several NFL Europe camps in Austria, where he could see first hand how things should be set up properly.

- Vision is to increase the program for kids in the capital of Austria, Vienna, and concentrate on the development of young players. The youth teams are not only an attachment on an adult team, they are the focus of the club. I think today we are the only club in Europe, who focus on youth football, without having an adult team.

Today we have 4 teams - U11, U13, U15 and U17. The future will show how fare we will go, and if we will have a U19 too, in the future. Adult team is not a future focus, the players as they get older, and will not have a team in our club, are free and can select out of the different programs in Vienna and surround. 12 coaches and about 65 players build the 4 teams today.

Today, Junior Tigers also have ladies joining the program, with 3 female coaches and 7 girls in their U13 team.