Interview: Johannes Woudenberg - The State Of Football

Johannes Woudenberg is a well known name in the European American football community, as early as the 1980s. He's most known for his work under EFAF. He was involved with football as a coach at first, and later on as Game Commissioner, until 2010.

-  I've been the longest member ever with EFAF and became Honorable Member in 2006, in Milano, by International Meeting from EFAF - for where he says that he's most proud of his work right there, and continues - Now more doing scouting all over. 

Football in Europe is at a rapidly growing stage, where most countries have recognized it as an important part of family of sports - Football is at a technical level, growing rapidly in Europe, also, our coaches are getting better.

Federations should be more involved with the Teams and the problems they face. Federations should be more involved in Youth Football, on tackle and flag level. Coaches have to get Coaches Certificates at every level on the international level.

On how federations should help football grow, Mr Woudenberg had a very simple answer - Spend money to invest in Youth Football and Coaches and Officials.

One of the main problems for teams is bringing people to the stadiums. Some teams can generate a crowd of maybe 100, while some can go as high as 25,000 spectators.

- Teams should realize football is a sport with show and cheerleaders. Try to please the fans and give them more information about football and rules. Teams should realize how important fans are and need to listen to them.

Mr Woudenberg's background gives him expertise to comment about the state of football on the European level - We need strong leaders with a vision in football and how we can grow more in Europe and get more fans to the stadiums. And no internal fights about power and politics, we need to stop that! It will kill football and sponsors do not want to be involved. We need the right and strong people with a vision on the Top.

If we do that we will grow more in Europe. Have the right people behind the curtains and listen to the advice they give you, and they do not need to be a board member.

And to wrap things up - Mr Woudenberg talked about what his dream is for the future of football in Europe - At my age of being 75 years old, my dream is that we will be a strong and good organised Organization with strong Leaders who have a vision. Try to solve teams main problems. Or, at least listen to them.