SafeBet: Helsinki Roosters, Ravensburg Razorbacks & Gießen Golden Dragons

Bad news always travels faster than the good news. Over the past few years, we wrote about teams that don't hold up on their part of the deal, however, it's time to highlight the ones which do. We'll be featuring 3 teams each week, regardless of the division they're playing in, selected by the import community as a safe bet, in hopes to help both coaches and imports when making a decision on joining an organization.


Photo: ©Salla Lahti
Micah Brown, QB - I came in halfway through last season and stayed through the offseason, while remaining here preparing for upcoming season. If that gives you any idea of how things are run here. If not, I'll say this - one of the most comfortable organizations and city to be apart of and live in. I personally don't feel there's a place in Europe, overall, considering football in the equation that can top or even compete with Helsinki Roosters.


Photo: Philipp Lorenz Photography
Michael Hall, LB - Great team! They went over and beyond to make me feel comfortable and happy. Great group of guys that work hard and the organization is strong. Good coaches and board members. The city is old and historic and close to the big lake between Germany and Switzerland. Great experience.


Otis Moore, RB - One of the most talented teams in all of Europe with all domestic players. Being an import there and seeing how hard they work, makes you realize they love and appreciate the game. The coaching staff is one of the best I have seen and consist of a nice mixture of German and American coaches. The President is so cool and literally makes sure himself that you have everything and more that you are promised in the contract.

There is no superstar mentality from anyone on the team, which shows you the type of team they are. The overall talent level is very high and practices are very competitive. Outside of football everyone makes sure that your ok and that you have anything you need. Hands down without even thinking twice I would say never pass up a chance to play for this team. The true meaning of Family lies within the Giessen Golden Dragons name.

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