Poland: Falcons Dominant Record Breaking Season Comes Down To One Last Game

Saturday, July 23rd the Tychy Falcons (9-0) will be hosting the Wroclaw Outlaws (8-1) in the PLFA1 National Championship game in Tychy, Poland.

The Falcons have had a record breaking season breaking the Polish season scoring record 57.1 points per game and also breaking the Polish single game record in the semi finals against the Warsaw Dukes 88-34. Sure to be MVP Keith Ray has dominated the season with 35 TD passes 15 rushing TD and only 1 INT will lead the Falcons offense against the #1 scoring defense in PLFA1 (11.8 points per game).

The Outlaws offense (41.1 points a game) will have to face the #2 scoring defense in PLFA1 (12.5 points per game) Led by DE Michal Bury and Safety Kacper Kurcius.

From day one our goal was nothing other than winning the PLFA1 Championship and getting promoted to top league. Our OC, Michal Kolek has done such an amazing job turning our offense into the juggernaut it is, while the Defense has stayed a solid and dominate force the last two seasons. I encourage anyone who wants to see a great game to be there Saturday at 4 pm and cheer on the Falcons to their first PLFA1 National Championship.- Head Coach Lonnie Hursey