IFAF Europe: Counting The Votes (Or Not)

After resignations of IFAF Europe's Chairman and Vice Chairman (Nisavic and Murth), caused by IFAF Paris Congress (Wiking) structural statue changes, which didn't sit well with many - IFAF sent out a press release about the new IFAF Europe. In case you missed the open letter - click HERE.

The new IFAF Europe is not consisted of all European federations, while Denmark and Finland were suspended on anti-doping grounds (more about that - HERE). In addition to that, new board was named - where the new IFAF Europe Chairman is Enrique Garcia de Castro (Spain), Vice Chairman - Sahin Komercu (Turkey), and the rest of the board are: Lesley Moreels (Belgium), Romeo Tjoe-A-On (Netherlands), Thomas Ahlberg (Sweden), Jedrzej Steszewski (Poland) and Gary Marshall (Great Britain), Gregor Murth (Austria).

Announcement of the new board has caused some stir, as some of the above mentioned didn't vote. So, a new press release came out where Murth was left out, while Marshall was the last one so far to contact the new chairman, and their correspondence is now public.

We're bringing a few paragraphs from 3 different e-mails from Garry Marshall, while (new) IFAF Europe press releases and full Marshall-Garcia de Castro correspondence can be found HERE, where you'll be redirected to AFI.

I hereby instruct you to immediately remove my name from the letter sent today (September 21st 2016 at 6.47 titled LETTER TO MEMBERS IN EUROPE) and issue a retraction of the claim that I voted in favour of anything mentioned in your letter.
If you do not do this I will be taking legal advice as to how to pursue matters.
In a communication dated September 19th 2016 (in reply to an email entitled Re: Calling for a vote about interim leadership) I questioned both the legality of your calling such a vote and also the time frame you wanted to enforce for the vote.
I have not and will not vote in favour of any such notions or motions that you put forward.
There was no unanimous decision, there cannot be a unanimous decision if there is even one vote against. You must release the actual votes ‘for’ in an open manner and say who voted in favour and who voted against. I have correspondence from IFAF E Board members stating they did not vote, that coupled with the fact that both Goran and Gregor didn’t vote makes a mockery of both of your claims to have even had a basic majority vote let alone a unanimous one. Please stop trying to pass this off as anything other than what it is, a poor (and invalid), attempt to cling onto power and influence. 
This is their first lie – over the weekend of 17th/18th September I was in Worcester GB representing the IFAF Europe Board at the IFAF EC 4 Nation qualification tournament organised by BAFA. Also present at that tournament over the same dates was Thomas Ahlberg in his role as IFAF Europe Technical committee member, so he didn’t vote either, that is their second lie! I also know that Jedrzej Steszewski (IFAF Europe Board member) was not present in Paris and also didn’t vote, their third lie. Nikolaus Jelinek (IFAF Europe Competition Committee Chairman) was also present at the Worcester Tournament and can verify the attendance, in Worcester, of both myself and Thomas Ahlberg.
How can there have been a “unanimous vote” when 5 members (the others being Goran Nisavic and Gregor Murth) of the IFAF Europe Board were not present and certainly didn’t vote ? Four board members voted in an unauthorised and illegal vote and I would ask you to question their motives behind such a move.