IFAF Suspends USA And 5 More National Federations

On Saturday, Sept 17th, IFAF... and IFAF, held two separate congresses - one in Paris (Wiking) and one in New York (Noronen). Most have hoped that the situation would calm down and things would start to move forward - however, it seems that things will be getting worse. Prior to the two congresses, IFAF Europe reacted - you can read the open letter HERE.

After IFAF congress in Paris - IFAF (Wiking) has put out a press release on 6 national federations being suspended.

Six National Federations suspended for breaking anti-doping rules.

The Disciplinary Committee of the International Federation of American Football, IFAF, on Friday
the 16th 2016 made the decision to suspend the membership of six national federations for noncompliance with the IFAF Anti-Doping Rules.

1. USA Football (USA),
2. Canada-Football (Canada),
3. Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Americano (Mexico),
4. Japan American Football Association (Japan),
5. Suomen Amerikkalaisen Jalkapallon Liitto (Finland), and
6. Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund (Denmark).

The suspension is handed out since these federations have refused to cooperate with IFAF in
regard to anti-doping issues (art 5.6.6. of the IFAF ADR). The federations refused to submit
information of athletes selected to the IFAF Registered Testing Pool. All six federations have been
informed of the Disciplinary Committee’s judgment.

IFAF are in the final stages of implementing the new WADA code and the requirements that WADA
have set out during 2016. The non-compliance from this six member federations undermines the
work of IFAF against doping and to protect the clean athlete.

“IFAF, as a WADA signatory and IOC recognized International Federation, is committed to
protecting the clean athletes. I sincerely hope that these national federations realize the grave
position they have put themselves in and that they comply with the WADA and IFAF Anti-doping
program as soon as possible.” stated IFAF President Mr Tommy Wiking.

Mr Wiking expressed his gratitude to the IFAF Disciplinary Committee for their dedication to carry
out their work in a fair and objective way. The decision can be appealed to the IFAF Appeal