Poland: Tychy Falcons Gym Testing [Video]

2017 season is just around the corner and the Tychy Falcons are making their first appearance in the Polish TopLiga after an undefeated record breaking season.

In Tychy, December means it's Gym testing for the team. That’s right, the whole team (just like high schools across America) do gym testing and have a 1,000 pound club (450 kg & 500 kg club) testing the bench press, dead lift, and squat.

Their team gym “Grind Athletic Performance” is owned by the Offensive coordinator Michal Kolek and it's where the entire team can go work out and get personal training.  This is the 2nd year Coach Hursey has done the testing and made the gym mandatory for all players who want to play for the club.

Follow the Tychy Falcons fan page all year to see how they compete moving up to the Top league in Poland!