TD[EU] Teams: Plovdiv Wolves Of Bulgaria

Football in Bulgaria is in its developing stages, and, after hearing from Peter Dvant of, we knew we wanted to publish the Plovdiv Wolves story. We believe it's important to highlight developing flag football programs, especially from countries that are making their breakthrough in European American football community. Peter was kind enough to answer our questions and share more about the team!


Everything can begin with a simple video game. Everything can happen only if we fall in love with it. That's how Plovdiv Wolves were born. The whole situation with this amazing Bulgarian AF team started in 2012, when three young boys, studying at the best High School in the second biggest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv - when Nikola Kovachev played the game "Madden 08" with his besties Miroslav Trampov and Stefan Pavlov. After hours spent playing, these three boys realized that American football is their true passion. They bought their first football and went to the nearest stadium to start learning how to play American football. According to them, at first they didn't even know how to throw the ball. After days, weeks, of playing this amazing sport Nikola, Stefan and Miroslav turned into the best players of AF in the whole South Bulgaria. In September 2012, boys started studying at the Medical University of Plovdiv. They didn't have the time to play football every day, but their dream to become great players never died. They wanted to make it real. They started to educate other people, some of them were their friends and, believe it or not, some of them weren't even friendly to them. But sports can turn people into friends,..

In 2014 the captains - Nikola Kovachev #18, Stefan Pavlov #52 and Miroslav Trampov #47 made their team official. They called the team Wolves, but not any wolves, they are the "Plovdiv Wolves". They chose this name, because as an alpha wolf they want to fight and give shiver to all the fans of sport, especially American football, just like the big wolf goes to find food for the rest. Their goals are to make a culture, to make beautiful games and to give chance to fans of the sport to play it. Nikola is the QB of the team and he is the leader. Mirolsav play as a Tight End, Cornerback and Wide Receiver. Stefan is the captain of the defensive part and he also plays as Tight End. The RB of the team - Martin Glavchev #21 has MVP award and the Linebacker is Stoyan Bogoev #50.


Guys train every week. Three times per week they go to their terrain and they train for over 3 hours. Weeks before big tournament they go to train 5 times per week.

They have changed many coaches. Their first two were Americans. Daniel Arthur and Bret MacAppin had this team prepared for any fight. They taught them how to be rough on the field and how to be friends outside of it. Now their coach, named Vicky, who's an Italian, sponsors them and he want them to have huge strength. They have to visit the gym, at least 2 times a week and they have to go 1 hour, before general training.


In the beginning the team was happy to see 3-4 people in the stands, but now they have fans all around Bulgaria. They are hosts in two big national tournaments - "Seven Hills"and "Phillipopolis".The season starts late February and ends in late November.

Team is sponsored by their coach and the "Avangard Fitness", which is the biggest gym in Plovdiv City. Big celebration and Award presentation are coming in 2017, where Plovdiv Wolves will fight for the first place, as always. They will have a small tournament with a charity cause, coming after March 2017.


One of the best memories for the team is the victory in "Sofia Championship" in 2015. This was the moment, when Plovdiv Wolves realised that they can be the best team in Bulgaria. They beat the Sofia Bears team and that was the greatest victory that they have ever had. The game was epic and the emotions were unique. Nikola #18, Stefan #52 and Mirolsav #47 are not only the founders, the captains and the MVP Awards carriers, but they are something like the fathers of the team.

The great job, that they have done and the best product that they have created (Plovdiv Wolves) led them to catharsis. They knew that one day they can be professional doctors and proud players of American football.

Sometimes it is the best if the book is written by many people, because the story that each one of them can write is unique and presents the thoughts of different individuals. American football is not only a sport, it is an art. It is something that you can do it for fun, do it for health, do it for developing sport and do it to create a culture.