The Takeover: Tony Simmons Takes Over TDEU Instagram

Tony Simmons had some fun this morning, when he managed to get into our Instagram account! Since it was for a higher cause... We actually loved the concept! So, why not turning it into a regular segment - "The Takeover"!

Touchdown Europe has given us the Imports and various other European coaches and athletes a platform to speak and share knowledge. I am sorry, that I had to hack the system. So, if you don't want someone to hack your system don't use simple passwords. I apologize for the way, I had to do it but I hope that this is a great platform that can be used for TDEU for years to come. I apologize and hope there are no hard feelings. - says Coach Simmons.

What did Tony do? Check out the video below!

You can follow Tony on Instagram HERE, and also make sure to follow TDEU - by clicking HERE.