Daniel Kelly: Bold Prediction - Tim Tebow To Play MLB For The NY Mets

Tim Tebow. When you hear that name, what does it do within you? Does it get under your skin or does it inspire you? There probably have been more articles written about Tim Tebow, than just about any other person on the face of the planet. However, this article will be different than all the rest, that's because the writer is different from everyone else.

You may be thinking to yourself, wait a minute, this is a football website, why is he writing about a baseball player? Well, true, this article is a little outside the pocket, but that's only because this story is bigger than football, bigger than baseball and bigger than professional sports itself. Point blank, this is the biggest story of our time.

Sportswriters and scouts alike completely miss the boat about Tebow for the most part and I think it's safe to say at this point, nobody else on the entire planet sees in him what has been shown to me. Who am I? Well, once upon a time I was hired by Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick if that gives any juice to this electronic fastball.

Let me ask you this, how many people in the world could not play baseball for 12 years and step into the batter's box with the New York Mets? This isn't the Miracle on 34th street, but it's one of the biggest miracles we have ever witnessed. Sure, every time another baseball player in the majors strikes out it doesn't make national news, but every time Tebow swings and misses and any time he supposedly even looks at the umpire wrong, it makes the headlines, "Extra, extra read all about it," as the blood thirsty Tebow critics throw a little chin music his direction, but why is that? It's because the world continues to be extremely threatened by the man who they say can't, but he does it anyways.

The reality is this, so far this spring Tebow has looked the part and has not backed down from anyone. He didn't even flinch against Cy Young Award Winner, Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox. In his first real major league at bat, he dug into the batter’s box and stood in there like David against Goliath. It's in that moment I knew what I knew was true, Tim Tebow is going to make it in Major League Baseball. Notice, I didn’t say he’s going to make it in the minor leagues. I didn’t say anything about A, AA or AAA. I’m saying he’s going to get called up. He’s going to make it in the big leagues. He’s going to play for the New York Mets, period. Like Babe Ruth, I'm pointing at the fence and calling the shot. That's my scouting report.

Tebow is not another one of these athletes that gives the 'ol token pointing at the sky or the typical token, "I give all the glory to God" type of guys. No, Tim Tebow is the most anointed person on this planet since King David in the Bible. That's how he does the impossible time and time and time again. The cool thing about the word impossible is, that is God's very zip code. That's where God hangs out. That's where God lives. You see, the word "can't" does not even exist in Tim Tebow's vocabulary and I'd like to suggest there would not even be any critics if the word "can't" did not exist in their own personal lives.

I used to think that Tim Tebow coming back to the NFL would be the very thing that would give God the most glory and trust me, when I become a GM, I will make every effort to pull the trigger and make him my franchise quarterback. However, after further review, Tebow making the Mets is far more seemingly impossible. With that said, now I see why God opened the door for him to play baseball. Tebow making the Mets is like Lazarus coming out of the tomb and a great reminder for all of us during this Easter season, the same God of the Bible is still doing things in people's lives today just like He did back in those 'ol crinkly pages of scripture.

What does all of this mean for you? Bill Belichick used to say, "We are in a bottom line business," well with that said what is the bottom line in this split finger fastball? For starters, dreams can and do come true. Your dream can come true. Let's pause for stations to identify themselves.

Your dream can come true.

My friend Marc Trestman once said to me, "If you can see it, you can achieve it." Marc Trestman is the only coach in football history to coach two different league MVP's in two different leagues (NFL and CFL). Hey, if Eric Mangini can go from coaching the Kew Colts, a semi-professional team in Melbourne Australia to becoming a head coach in the NFL, if Kurt Warner can go from bagging groceries and playing in NFL Europe to being the Super Bowl MVP and if I could go from playing one year of high school football to working on the best staff in NFL history, trust me, anything is possible. It just takes moving towards it. How do you do that, like I always tell everyone else who comes to me for advice about their dreams, "Pay very special attention to the ideas that just pop into your head out of nowhere and pay very special attention to the people who God sends into your path."

When I was a teenager, I designed a play and sent it to Joe Gibbs, who was the Washington Redskins Head Coach back then. He actually used that play and it worked for a touchdown in a pre-season game and later again for a touchdown in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. Right now, I am drawing up another play design that will change your life forever, the play comes out of Mark 9:23, "If you can believe, all things are possible."

Wrap your head around that. Really think about it.

"If you can believe, all things are possible."

Daniel Kelly is a former Pro Scout with the New York Jets. He spent his first two seasons as a pro personnel assistant, his third season working as the Jets special teams scout and his fourth as the scout of "other leagues." You can learn more about him, his book and he can be contacted directly by email on his website, whateverittakesbook.com