CEFL: CEFL Bowl XII Announcement

CEFL Press Release:

Sportklub Central European Football League is proud to announce CEFL Bowl XII participants, SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol and Kragujevac Wild Boars. It is our pleasure to inform our avid followers that the hosting of CEFL Bowl XII is awarded to SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol. CEFL Bowl XII will be played on Saturday, 10 June at the Tivoli stadium in Innsbruck, with the kickoff at 19:00 CET.

SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol have placed in CEFL Bowl XII after winning both games in their Sportklub CEFL Championship Western Conference. Their first was an away game against Panthers Wrocław in Poland that ended 20-33. Raiders second win, a convincing 35-0, came at their home field in the Tivoli stadium against Triangle Razorbacks of Denmark.

Kragujevac Wild Boars have also won both games in their Eastern Conference outing. In the season opener of Sportklub CEFL Championship they hosted the Istanbul Koç Rams and won by 21-14. The team had a long wait until their second game that was played in the closing weekend against Budapest Cowbells last Saturday, ending in a 50-15 score.

More information about the CEFL Bowl XII and further details about the participants will continue in our following announcements.