TD[EU] Teams: Allgäu Comets Of Germany

Allgäu Comets are one of the football powerhouses in Germany, that keeps growing. Team is based in Kempten, but got their name after the biggest Bavarian region - Allgäu, of which Kempten is the largest town. We've been following the Comets for quite some time, and it was only natural to share their team story. We'd love to thank Coach Brian Caler who answered our questions.


Well, in the early years it was all about creating a new public image, a professional image. It all started with everybody wanting to make a change from hobby to professionalism. We also had to create a new attractive Logo and change the uniform colors and order new uniforms.

Within a few years people outside of the club took notice, players from other teams started joining and we started to win games. With the flow of new players and success on the field we strongly started looking for sponsors within the area.

Gearing Up

We didn’t really have much training equipment, a few very old self made bags and one three man sled but as the success came and we added sponsors we were able to add some stuff, like new step over bags and speed ladders. The first practice was all about teaching a culture of professionalism, teaching the importance of staying committed to the team and of course breaking down the practices into segments to teach individual positions.

In picking a coach, it was all about finding a guy who was a teacher of the game and its fundamentals. The ultimate goal for the first few years was simple lay the ground work for success. 

We are fortunate to have a great practice facility here in Kempten. We have two locker rooms, two fields, and a larger room where we can have team meetings. As for games, we have always played in Illerstadion here in Kempten. It is a really nice stadium and one of the best here in Germany for our Sport. In the early years, we as coaches and players were responsible for setting everything up, but as our club grew and we built a larger fan base, we were able to get some help from members of our Fan Club.

Competing & Team Building

We participate in the GFL. We talk a lot about love and support for one another. If you believe in those two words then its pretty easy to keep your team together. Every year we do different team building activities, or in have BBQs during the season.

For our team building we usually do some kind of events like Bowling or Laser Tag. In the past after on a hot day following a game we have gone to the city pool together. During camp we always have a Rookie night, where any new player to the team must do something, singing or dancing.

We will also have an open floor meeting to discuss personal feelings to what the team means or I will ask the players a questions and they have to stand up in front of the players and answer the question.

We do a School project. We have our guys go into the local schools and talk with the students and teach them the game of football.


We have had great support from the city and fans. I have always said we have the greatest fans. They travel to away games and everything. As for sponsors, there great. without there support nothing would be possible.


Well over the years I have learned to respect the lives of my players, coaches, and our management outside of the team. In the early years it was Football, Football, and Football. Now its respect the private lives, they have jobs and families.

We are currently in a rebuilding phase. We are trying to make a commitment to the development of our own players and are working to develop former players into coaches so we do not lose sight of where and what our foundation is built on.