Interview: Denis Czarzasty Is Taking Video Editing In Football To A New Level

Everyone involved with American Football in Europe had to see, at least once, one of the game highlights made by BoxVideos of Poland. Denis Czarzasty is the master mind behind BoxVideos, and besides bringing you weekly Topliga and PLFA1 highlights, we had to share his story as well!


The main goal of BoxVideos is to help clubs promote their sponsors and partners.

I am the one doing all the work. However, I have help with different projects (for example "Topliga") -  photographers, commentator Dawid White, and some other people thanks to whom I can focus on the assembly.

The other side of BoxVideos are the highlight tapes for American football players. This is hard work with materials that are often poor quality. Fortunately, game film is getting better and the productions are more interesting. I always try to be the best at what I do - just like the person I'm making a movie with. I focus the most on the player to be visible and well marked. This is what sets me apart from others.

In Europe there are many people who do highlight tapes, and when I check their productions I see in them that they inspire my solutions. I try to make every next movie better, and my best highlight tape is definitely the next one.

Highlight Tapes

Everyone wants me to make the highlight tape as fast as possible. (Players want to have the lowest price, the highest quality in the shortest possible time :))

To create a highlight tape, I need links to the players games and the time when the player's action begins or prepared fragments in the form of video files. For this I need some pictures. This is the standard, some players want to have a promotional video and not a recruiting film. Then the recording must be very good quality and better from several different cameras. The statistics and recorded statements by coaches or teammates are an additional detail.

Memorable Moments

It may seem simple, but the most important moment in what I do is to satisfy my clients. Thank you, good job, great, it's perfectly the best reward for doing a good job. I try to make every player, club, company satisfied with our cooperation. I work on several levels and my goal is to satisfy a few groups of people: sponsors, clubs/players, fans, and myself.

Future Goals

Highlight tapes market is a tile. I do not know if it is sufficient in the long run. A natural step forward will be making movies for clubs and/or players and not creating highlight tapes, as it is today. Clubs are investing more and more in video content. An excellent element of this are the graphics and in that I would like to specialize on the use of graphics in video materials.

In order to grow football in Europe, we need to create better and more interesting content every year.