TDEU Heroes: Valérie Durussel, SAFV Press Officer

TDEU Heroes are people we don't get to see that much in the public eye. They are working long hours to help their teams behind the scenes and sometimes are dedicated even more than the players. If you know a Hero, send us a message, and tell us about your nominee!

Valérie Durussel is hands down one of the best league press officers Europe has. We have been dealing with her for quite some time, and she was always nothing but super prompt and helpful with any type of information we were seeking regarding football in Switzerland.

Earlier this year, we interviewed her to get a glimpse of what her job is consisted of, as it's definitely more than it meets the eye, and, one comment stuck out - Mr Glenn Chase, SAFV president said: "SAFV is composed of some 22 men tackle football teams, 12 flag football teams (men, women and mixed teams) with divisions of various football levels from several ages. For example, we have a Herren's league, U19 league U16 league and U13 and of course our new SAFV membership with our women's tackle football team. We also have a Herren Swiss National team (men's tackle), a U19 Swiss National team (men's tackle) and a National Flag Football League Swiss National team. As SAFV's press officer, Valerie is responsible to promote and communicate activities within all these areas through social media sites and journalism....a job she does extremely well, professionally and thoroughly."

Evan Harrington is coaching one of the teams in Switzerland, Winterthur Warriors, and is known for running Europe's Elite - and when asked about Valérie, he had nothing but words of praise for her: "Valérie is the wheels that keeps the SAFV running. You can find her at every event doing something to help further enhance that particular event. Valérie is a lady with many hats, whether it is traveling with the national teams, doing player interviews for the SAFV and other media outlets, or commentating on games the Swiss national games Valerie is there getting things done."

Valérie, you are a true Hero!