Bosnia's First Ever Flag Tournament [Video]

Photo: Una Storia

Bosnia is the newcomer on the football scene, as teams are being formed, players recruited, while the sport is slowly growing.

Stefan Erdei (former Novi Sad GAT Dukes and Wild Dogs player), president of Bijeljina Lions, shared more about the tournament:

Sarajevo Spartans were pretty much the only existing team in Bosnia, and now 7 months later, here we are, having a tournament! We had 3 teams competing, in the organization of Tuzla Saltminers, with the support of "Tuzla Community Foundation". Besides the Saltminers and Spartans, Lions were the third team in participation. Unfortunately Mostar Eagles couldn't show up.

First, I'd love to thank the teams for participating, and I'm really proud to be the guy who gets the honor to develop football in the city of Bijeljina. And not just that, I am super proud for my guys going head to head against more experienced guys. 

Tuzla Saltminers vs Bileljina Lions - 36:26
Sarajevo Spartans vs Tuzla Saltminers - 24:19
Sarajevo Spartans vs Bijeljina Lions - 26:24

FMJAM made sure to keep the crowd entertained, while photos and filming was done by Una Storia and Lux Creative.